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[ TETRA-100-LF-PC ]

  The production system TETRA-100-LF-PC with 100 litres chamber volume and PC-control is used in the production for cleaning, etching and activation.
  Brochure TETRA (PDF 815 KB)

Technical Data:

switchgear cabinet:
W 600 mm, H 2.200 mm, D 800 mm
W 400 mm, D 625 mm, H 400 mm
chamber volume:
approx. 100 litres
gas supply:
max. 3 gas channels through MFC
40kHz/0-2500 W
(optional: 13.56 MHz or 2.45 GHz)
vacuum pump:
Leybold, Type D40B (40 m³/h)
up to 10 trays
(optional: rotary drum)
PC control (Windows)

options / accessories


TETRA-100-LF-PC for cleaning, activation and etching in production.

rotary drum for TETRA-systems

Sixfold tray and rotary drum for TETRA systems.
  Please contact us if you have technical questions.
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