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Welcome to diener electronic - North America




  Diener electronic has been developing and manufacturing both low pressure and atmospheric plasma systems since 1993, and is one of the leading producers of plasma cleaning, plasma etching, and plasma surface activation machines in the world. Our satisfied customers around the world are well known major companies on every continent!

Not only does Diener electronic manufacture machines, but we also do process development for plasma processes. We will process your samples for free, either in Nagold, Germany or to our sales representative  Thierry Corporation in Detroit/USA.

Our rent-to-buy program offers new customers the chance to rent a machine for a period of time prior to purchase. If you decide to purchase the machine, a portion of the rental fee can be applied to your purchase. This will give you the chance to try out the machine before expending any major monies.

Femto - small scale low pressure plasma systems

Laboratory and small scale production system FEMTO (low pressure plasma)

Diener electronic will also work with you to develop a specialized machine that would be optimized for your process. Be it plasma etching, plasma cleaning, plasma surface activation, or plasma polymerization, our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals are available to assist you. Give us a call!

Plasma technology, with its wide range of applications, has found its way into many unique and diverse technical communities.
Please contact us so that we can assist you in your plasma implementation and operation!

PlasmaBeam - in line small scale atmospheric plasma systems
In-line- and small scale production systems PLASMABEAM & PLASMABEAM PC (atmospheric plasma)
Tetra 30 - production plasma systems


PC Control

Tetra 600 - Large scale low pressure plasma systems
R&D and production system TETRA 30
(low pressure plasma)
  Large scale production system TETRA 600 (low pressure plasma)
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